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Sunday, November 30, 2008

ONE for N-Gage2.0 review

I have been hooked on to the N-Gage ONE for almost about a month now and I still cant get enough of it.

ONE is probably the best game out there for N-Gage 2.0. The Game is developed by Nokia and Digital Legends Entertainment with the help of a Motion Capture studio in Frankfurt that basically had the same equipment that was used for some of the special FX in Lord of the Rings or Star Wars Episode 1-3.

ONE features fast-paced 3D graphics, which are way better than the earlier version on the ONE.

N-Gage ONE Screenshots


The game can be majorly played in 3 Single player modes:-
  1. Story - You start as a underground street fighter, who has great fighting skills but has never been confronted by a real challenging fighter. One day you meet an old man FONG SHEN, who tells you about The ONE. He tells you that you have to follow the path of the ONE and defeat the best fighters in the world at 7 different locations (India, Mexico, New York, Carribean and so on). You then travel across the globe to challenge and fight the best of the best. Every fight that you win gets you ELO points. The Elo rating system is a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players in two-player games. To win a fight you have to either knockout your opponent or have more strength as compared to your opponent at timeout. All the 30 opponents have their own distinctive way of fighting and you have change your strategy accordingly to be effective.
    After defeating the boss in every country you unlock few mods for your player. There almost unlimited customisations that can be done for your player, right from hair style to tattoos and skin tone, cloths etc. all unlocked one after the other. The final level is when you have to face the great master Zhan Shi in China. Completing the story in all3 difficulty levels Easy, medium and Hard unlocks all the opponents and all mods for your player.
  2. Versus - This is the mode you would play mostly after completing the Story mode, where you can challenge any opponent at any given location which you have unlocked so far. Defeating opponents that have points greater than you fetches you more points. You start being a coward and become fearless, master great master and finally the ONE as you cross the 3100 ELO mark, after which you start getting lesser and lesser points for winning a match.
    This is where the fun begins as every match you lose cuts your points by upto 30 or 40 points as compared to earning 1 or even as low as 0.25 per match (although anything below 1 is shown as 0, winning 4 matches get adds 1 point). Beyond this point winning becomes your ultimate goal. You just play to win and losing is not an option anymore after all you are the ONE.
  3. Survival - The survival mode can be related to Last man standing, where you face opponents one after the other but the strength for your player is not fully replenished after every fight. This makes survival mode more even more challenging.
There is also a training mode which is a must as it helps in knowing all the possible moves and combos for your player. The game can be played both in landscape mode and Portrait mode.

There lots of ngage point pickups for completing every level in story mode, perfect fights, consecutive victories etc.

In the N-Gage Arena mode you can submit your score, player name location and rate yourself against players around the world. Unfortunately there is no online multiplayer mode.

Multiplayer mode:-
  1. Over Bluetooth (Multiplayer over network would have been an excellent value add)
One Video:-

Graphics: 4 / 5
GamePlay: 4 / 5
Sound: 3 / 5
Replay Value: 4.5 / 5

Excellent game, Go fot it. Game page.

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Riyal said...

its really an amazing review... got a code for One after reading ur post :) keep it going :)

HItesh said...

i like this game.. a multiplayer wud hv been a killer.. :(

Kedar Parikh, said...


I agree, but the multiplayer over BT is fun too (provided you get some one to play with)

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